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Start your journey with ChainBoost, a decentralized cross-chain incubator and boostpad protocol, centered upon NFT and DeFi projects.

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Why Choose ChainBoost?

The team have experience of completing numerous raises and supporting new projects through the same process. We understand the challenges for both projects and users, which provides us the ability to tackle common obstacles which you will encounter.

User BoostScore

Chain analysis to highlight and reward desirable behaviours; enabling projects to maintain higher chances of success.

Governance powered protocol & ecosystem

Council driven voting informed by users BoostScore to ensure a fair and transparent ecosystem.

Ticketing System

Allocation probability determined through compounding desirable behaviours and user BoostScore.

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Upcoming Projects

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October 19th 2021
Total raise$50k
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Participation Limit:200
Max Total Supply:$1 Billion


October 21st 2021
Total raise$130k
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Participation Limit:325
Max Total Supply:$100 Million

Blockchain Monster Hunt INO

October 25th 2021
Total raise$150k
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Participation Limit:5000
Max Total Supply:$195 Million

Polkafantasy INO

October 27th 2021
Total raise$150k
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Participation Limit:525
Max Total Supply:$195 Million

Boost Score

Representative Example:
The probability of receiving contribution for your next project is 0%
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Trust in our BoostScore

ChainBoost's BoostScore aims to ensure projects & users feel reassured when participating in token sales and purchases.