Join ChainBoost, a protocol committed to ensuring both project founders and their communities experience a frictionless and smooth experience, enabling projects to raise capital and incubate their ideas.

ChainBoost Rocket Ship

Key Benefits

  • Decentralized protocol for raising capital
  • Full KYC/KYB integration & streamlining
  • High quality early token supporters centered upon a gamified NFT focused IDO
  • Exposure to Cryptoverse Alliance ecosystems and communities
  • Governance model for project acceptance
  • Cross-chain enabled swaps
  • BoostScore informed allocation provisions
  • Advisory on token distribution

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Executive Team with over 30 years combined tech experience who are passionate about developing a complete and fulfilling raise experience.

  • Anti-Bot implementation
  • Enhanced BoostScore system
  • Liquidity mining
  • Establish council
  • Enhanced gamification of IDO and NFT significance
  • VC BoostScore (Monitor early supporter past behaviour)
  • Expand automation of protocol
  • Full gamification of IDO
  • Implement NFT pledge system
  • Commence DAO implementation