ChainBoost's BoostScore aims to ensure projects & users feel reassured when participating in token sales and purchases.

The BoostScore is underpinned by key metrics to aid in determining users' behaviour and reward them for positive participation.

Users who participate and demonstrate desirable behaviours will benefit from increased likelihood of future allocation allowance; whilst project owners will enjoy greater peace of mind as they will secure valuable long-term community members.

Boost Score

Representative Example:
The probability of receiving contribution for your next project is 0%

How we break down users' BoostScore rating

ChainBoost's BoostScore is proprietary and underpinned by complex chain analysis and algorithms, as such some of the calculations are not public facing.

However, users should consider the following factors as key data points when determining desirable behaviours and fundamental in affecting their BoostScore rating.

  • ChainGuardians Governance token (CGG) holdings
  • Verified KYC status
  • Total hashrate & NFT holdings
  • Staking tokens
  • Participation within ecosystem

How does a BoostScore benefit users?

ChainBoost recognizes that community is paramount when considering the success of early stage projects. We believe users should be rewarded for their positive participation through affording them opportunities to be part of new promising projects.

  • Streamlined KYC process
  • Avoidance of FCFS (First Come First Served) processes
  • Increased opportunities for future token sales
  • Community of like-minded participants
  • Early access project previews
  • Long term strategic foundations