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The Music industry is broken!

The system is broken, but not irreparably — THE HUSL is the music industry’s solution.

Only 12% of the music industry’s international revenue goes to artists, writers, producers and creatives. 88% of the revenue generated by the music industry goes to lawyers, executives, distributors, streaming platforms and corporations. That’s the problem.

image Fans are profoundly limited in the ways they can support the artists they love and believe in. Buying records, streaming tracks, attending concerts – these actions, while fundamental revenue sources for musicians and music bureaucrats alike, fund the industry more than the artist. Fans simply don’t have an opportunity to directly invest in artists.

The Solution

The system is broken, but not irreparably — THE HUSL is the music industry’s solution. THE HUSL is using blockchain technologies to radically reorganize the entire international music economy and prioritize the industry’s key players: the creatives and the fans. Blockchain, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, are challenging national banking systems in the same way THE HUSL is confronting the institutional giants of the music industry: both blockchain and THE HUSL are deconstructing deep-seated, centralized systems of power through transparency, diversification, and grassroots transactions.


How it works

Here’s how it works. You’re supposed to be working on your laptop, but you’re getting distracting, scrolling through up-and-coming artists on platform that closely resembles Spotify or YouTube Music. Artists’ names, photos, bios, and album artworks are listed beside their new and top releases. You’re going down a rabbit hole because there’s something about this young Icelandic DJ you can’t get out of your head. Her beats are innovative, hypnotic, addicting; you’ve been playing her latest track on loop to get through the day. You favorite the song, text it to a few friends who share your taste in music, and follow the artist on Twitter, but you’re not satisfied. You enjoy listening to the artist, but it’s more than that: you want to see what she does next. You know in your gut that she’s going places, and you want to be one of the people who gets her there.

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250 users
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500 USD
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0.25 USD
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The Husl
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100 Million
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Initial token distribution will be on the 23rd, 10% will be distributed. October 23 - 10% distributed Every 30 days thereafter, 20% distributed